Graduate Certificate in Molecular Medicine Overview


What Our Graduate Certificate Program Means for You

Molecular medicine is a dynamic, leading-edge field encompassing the study of medical biochemistry, forensic biotechnology, underlying genetic deficiencies of common metabolic disorders and other areas critical to healthcare. It presents the promise of targeted cures and treatments for diseases once thought out of reach.   

The University of Mississippi Medical Center’s online Molecular Medicine Graduate Certificate Program presents an opportunity for you to earn a credential that can turn your ambitions into achievements — and can enable you to be part of a medical science and healthcare revolution. Our Program empowers you to build new skills, enhance your resume and compete for admission to healthcare-profession schools, a promotion or a new role – all while spending less time and money than you would in a degree program. By completing just 11-14 credits, you’ll: 

    • Acquire the knowledge of cellular functions required in clinical, educational and professional settings.  
    • Advance your proficiency in organizing and integrating information from scientific literature.  
    • Build key skills, including critical and analytical thinking and oral and written communication. 

Ready for unmatched benefits? Our first-in-class online Graduate Certificate Program: 

    •  Enhances the value of your health-profession school application (completion of 14 credits strongly recommended). 
    • Provides small class sizes and one-on-one attention, including tutoring. 
    • Prepares you for a variety of professional and academic possibilities, including: 
      • Biotechnology jobs 
      • Lab research positions at all levels 
      • Teaching positions in higher education 
      • Promotion in a current science-based career 
      • Admission to higher education degree programs  
      • Admission to health-profession schools 
    • Offers an affordable tuition rate. 
    • Makes it possible to earn a respected professional credential within two semesters. 
    • Delivers courses in an asynchronous format that allows you to complete the Program entirely online with no campus visits required.