About Us

Our mission is to train highly qualified researchers who will make significant contributions to the scientific literature; educate those who will train the next generation of biomedical scientists and healthcare professionals; foster the spirit of scientific inquiry; and promote an environment that embraces diversity and cultural differences. Our Program faculty provide students with individualized coaching, instruction, and advising to assist them in understanding medical biochemistry concepts that will help them achieve their long-term goals.

The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology strives to fulfill our individual mission to achieve excellence in research, education, and service programs. We boast faculty members that are considered leaders in their fields, esteemed educators and mentors, innovative researchers, and compassionate caregivers. The University of Mississippi Medical Center’s overall goal of a healthier Mississippi is only possible with the men and women who are entrusted to train the next generation of Mississippi’s physicians and researchers.

In addition to the traditional on-campus training of students, the faculty at UMMC are enthusiastic about the online Molecular Medicine Graduate Certificate Program as a way to deliver an online learning community for students in need of gaining a greater understanding of molecular medicine. Our online Graduate Certificate Program provides flexible, affordable for-credit classes that are tailored to working adults. The Program is designed to help students successfully gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to achieve their career priorities.