All of our graduates have their own unique reasons for taking the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s online Certificate Program. Though they may be at different stages of their educational and professional lives, these students and graduates found our Program met their needs and exceeded their expectations.

See how their stories can inspire you to follow the same path and reap your own rewards.


Akech Malual, a recent graduate, was kind enough to share his experience of UMMC’s online Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program.* When asked what appealed to him about our Certificate Program, he gave a candid answer: “Having access to my courses online was the main thing that attracted me to…the University of Mississippi Medical Center. I was able to keep my day job while pursuing my education.” Many students in our Certificate Program share Malual’s sentiment, as our program is designed with working professionals and post-baccalaureate students in mind.

Entirely online, our Certificate Program allows students to continue their education on their own time without having to sacrifice personal or professional commitments. Students join group discussions, watch video lectures and take exams all through Canvas, our online learning platform. Without setting foot on campus, working professionals like Malual receive first-rate instruction in medical biochemistry and the biochemistry of selected diseases.

For Malual, finding an online program flexible enough to allow him to complete coursework on his own time was especially important, as his current position provides valuable real-world biochemistry experience but keeps him busy. “My current job is a lab technician at a major university hospital’s pathology lab. I work in mini departments throughout the week, such as blood bank, chemistry, and microbiology, and handle tasks such as processing specimens and running clinical tests,” said Malual. According to Malual, Biochemistry III: Forensic Biotechnology stood out as a favorite course because of its real-world applications. Laboratory techniques taught in our virtual labs, such as PCR and CRISPR, are essential skills that Malual was able to immediately employ on the job.

In UMMC’s Certificate Program, Malual gained not only essential laboratory skills but also biochemistry knowledge that opened doors to new opportunities. “My certificate definitely has helped me gain acceptance into [graduate school],” says Malual, who plans to pursue his dental education through an MS in Biological Sciences program. Graduates of our Certificate Program often leverage their Certificate to gain acceptance into graduate school, expand their knowledge of biochemistry and ultimately secure rewarding careers in the field. A Certificate in Graduate Medical Biochemistry can also help graduates advance in their current biochemistry-related positions or transition into new roles.

What contributed to Malual’s academic success? First and foremost, a devotion to his studies. “Online learning can be difficult if you are not motivated,” said Malual. “However, I had a great experience, and I highly recommend it because you’ll get [faculty] support.”

Although our Certificate Program is entirely online, our faculty strives to provide the individualized coaching, instruction, and advising students need to thrive in a biochemistry program. According to Malual, our Program faculty were always accommodating when it came to his professional commitments. “[Course Director] Dr. Hennington and [Assistant Professor] Dr. Syed went above and beyond to make sure that I was successful,” said Malual. “They understand my background and the hardship of balancing work and school at the same time.”

Thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Hennington and Dr. Syed, Malual thrived in our online Program and continues to hold it in high regard, stating that courses taught online are the same quality as those taught on campus. Whether attending an online classroom or an in-person meeting, our knowledgeable, caring faculty strive to assist students whenever help is needed. “The people in this program made learning enjoyable,” Malual enthused. “I would absolutely recommend this online format to anyone interested in learning biochemistry.”

Our Certificate Program is designed for aspiring professionals interested in gaining the foundational knowledge of biochemistry required in clinical, educational and professional settings. Entirely online and asynchronous, our Program’s courses can be completed anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and provide students with the knowledge needed to thrive in a biochemistry-related career or pursue a master’s degree, as Malual has. If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of biochemistry at your own pace, UMMC’s Certificate Program is right for you.

Does Malual have any final words of advice for anyone considering UMMC’s online Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program? “I would advise any prospective students to take their studies seriously, because biochemistry can be a challenging subject, so plan ahead, study hard and reach out for help when necessary.”

At UMMC, we can provide you with the online courses, individualized instruction and practical knowledge in biochemistry you need to earn a Graduate Certificate. All you need to do is apply to our Certificate Program and share in Malual’s enthusiasm for biochemistry, engaging coursework and academic advancement.

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* Students who entered the program prior to Summer 2024 graduated with a  Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate. Students who entered the program beginning in the Summer 2024 semester will graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Molecular Medicine.


We had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Douglas A. Wolfe, M.D. Not only is Wolfe a professor of medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, he’s also a student in our Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program.* Wolfe was kind enough to share his experiences leading up to and after joining our online Program.

Wolfe can trace his interest in biochemistry all the way back to his time as an undergraduate student. “This was in 1972 and the professor was Gary Powell,” begins Wolfe. “On the first day of class, he told the class he read biochemistry as ‘bedtime reading.’ His enthusiasm shined. I remember standing in his office telling him goodbye as I left for medical school.”

Although Wolfe’s career focus has been on cardiology, he has grown to recognize the increasing importance of biochemistry as it relates to clinical practice. “The biochemistry that I remember is no longer in a silo to itself, but science has expanded now into the study of cellular and molecular biology,” explained Wolfe. “I see understanding this topic as a powerful tool to understand normal body functions, pathological functions and disease states and better understand good therapy for diseases.”

By studying biochemistry, Wolfe’s hopeful that a door will open, which will allow him to contribute to science in a meaningful way. This noble drive is what led Wolfe to join our Certificate Program.

“[W]ith a family to take care of, I did not think that I could give up my career as a cardiologist to become a full-time graduate student,” mused Wolfe. Like many of our students, Wolfe was seeking a program that could accommodate his schedule and provide foundational knowledge of biochemistry. Fortunately, Wolfe found exactly what he was looking for in our online Program.

Delivered entirely online, our Program allows students to watch video lectures, complete quizzes and participate in group discussions, all through the online learning platform Canvas. “The [online] format for this course has been excellent. I have my textbook, the lecture and the power of the internet to explore information for my studies,” said Wolfe. Wolfe also remarked on the simple pleasures of not having to commute to class, find a parking space or find a classroom seat.

In our Certificate Program, Wolfe discovered that its benefits extended far beyond its convenient online format. “I was not surprised in regard to the academic quality of the Program. I was already aware of the high quality of the cellular and molecular department,” said Wolfe. “I was surprised at the attention that the professors give to the students. Both [Course Director] Dr. Hennington and [Assistant Professor] Dr. Syed prove to be extremely responsive to questions and allow flexibility in the course schedule when needed.”

Wolfe was so impressed by our faculty and online Program that he had this to say: “In this particular case, with this material, I think that this Certificate Program may be better than an on-campus certificate program. I do not know that the material could be presented any better from my experience with this course and professors.” Wolfe continued, “I would unequivocally recommend interested students strongly consider this opportunity and the experience.”

All of our courses struck Wolfe as special, but one course in particular made quite an impression on him. “I must say that Forensic Biotechnology gave a stunning overview of how our law enforcement uses genetics to identify bodies and crime scenes,” enthused Wolfe. “I could easily get an ‘Ugh’ at dinner time from my wife or friends as I shared information about the cases that we studied.” This course also covers research proposals, which, Wolfe mentioned, could help him with future projects.

Students in our Certificate Program are required to enroll in Molecular Structure & Cellular Function and Enzymology and Cellular Metabolism, and they may enroll in either Genetics, Development and Disease or Forensic Biotechnology to fulfill the Program requirements. Only three courses are required to earn the Graduate Certificate, and students who complete three of the four courses can earn their Certificate in just two semesters. However, students have the opportunity to complete all four courses to supplement their academic and professional resumes.

Wolfe credits our Program with expanding his understanding of disease processes, genetic testing, metabolic pathways and pathophysiology — knowledge that directly relates to his career as a physician. “I think anyone who has a need to master the topics covered in this online graduate Certificate Program should give consideration to applying and enrolling,” said Wolfe.

Whether you’re a working professional like Wolfe or pre-professional healthcare student, you have a great deal to gain from joining our Certificate Program. “If your need for a series of courses in cellular and molecular biology (CMB) is for job advancement, personal interest or to fulfill educational requirements or prerequisites for future study, this Program should be considered,” said Wolfe.

Wolfe’s experience echoes that of many of our students. Here at UMMC, we provide a convenient online learning environment where students can expand their knowledge of biochemistry, engage with their peers and accelerate their careers. Apply to our Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program to follow in Wolfe’s footsteps and cultivate your skill set.

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* Students who entered the program prior to Summer 2024 graduated with a  Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate. Students who entered the program beginning in the Summer 2024 semester will graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Molecular Medicine.

Dollars Wang, a graduate student in UMMC’s online Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program,* was searching for a program that could accommodate her schedule and allow her to move forward in her academic career. What she found was an online program that, in her opinion, redefines what it means to be a graduate student.

An aspiring optometrist, Wang hopes to gain acceptance into graduate school, a goal shared by many students at UMMC. Wang knew, however, that she should first expand her medical biochemistry knowledge. “[I] wanted to be introduced to higher concepts of biochemistry,” said Wang. “I knew the subject … would develop my skills and appreciation of the knowledge and research in relation to the health field.”

An online graduate certificate program could bolster her resume in less than a year. Better yet, it would allow her to continue her education at her convenience and at the institution of her choosing, regardless of its location. The search for a medical biochemistry program that could help secure her future took Wang (virtually) from her California home to our Mississippi University.

Having taken an introductory course at UMMC, Wang was already familiar with the exceptional quality of our Program offerings. When it came time to enroll in a program that would provide the medical biochemistry knowledge required in clinical, educational, and professional settings, UMMC was a clear contender. However, Wang had initial doubts as to whether our Certificate Program was right for her.

“I doubted I would be a good fit for the program because I do not have a biological or typical STEM major,” said Wang. Any reservations were soon dismissed, however. “I was able to not only do well but develop a sense of curiosity for the subject and research. This opened my mind to the possibilities in continuing with my academic career and what I could achieve moving forward.” Many prospective students wonder how they will fare in graduate-level courses. That is, until they engage with UMMC’s course content.

Comprised of four online, asynchronous courses — although only three courses are needed to earn the Certificate — our Program covers the fundamentals of medical biochemistry and delves into the biochemistry of selected diseases. In Wang’s case, our courses imparted biochemistry knowledge that directly related to her professional aspirations. “For me,” explained Wang. “I was especially able to relate concepts discussed in lecture to eye research and care. This helped me in understanding specific biological processes and basis for diagnosing eye conditions.”

Wang was so impressed with our Program’s online format that she compared it to an on-campus program in quality. “[W]e can use resources through the UMMC network and partake in the seminars offered to the general study body,” said Wang. “I was able to observe how presentations are given by researchers, learn about new studies, and listen about the future implications.” According to Wang, our online Program had a distinct advantage when it came to case studies and online labs. “The great thing about online labs is that we can make mistakes and rework through the experiment to observe the typical results. I was not expecting to be able to watch careful demonstrations of lab techniques and be able to ‘do’ it by myself as if it were in person.”

The benefits of our online Graduate Certificate Program extend beyond its exceptional quality. Wang confirmed that online learning gave her the ability to pursue certification and manage other priorities at the same time. The personal and professional responsibilities of graduate students like Wang are always a primary concern of UMMC, which is why we strive to make our online Certificate Program as convenient as possible. Coursework can be completed almost anywhere and at any time, and course content, including video lectures, problem sets, and exams, is delivered through the online learning platform Canvas.

“The best part about earning my graduate certificate online is that I have expanded my network beyond what I would have been able through in-person programs,” enthused Wang. “I have been able to utilize resources in an established school and develop confidence in my capabilities as a graduate student.” During live chats and discussion boards, Wang was able to connect with driven, like-minded peers. For Wang, this was the standout benefit of our Graduate Certificate Program: the chance to forge professional bonds that can last a lifetime.

As a graduate student, Wang benefited from engaging with not only her fellow students but our esteemed faculty. “[The professors] hold us to a level of expectations but work to teach us to communicate with them and classmates, strengthen our approach to studying the material, and provide quality work every assignment,” said Wang. She confirmed that her professors were willing to go above and beyond to provide individualized coaching, instruction, and advising. “I have not had professors such as the ones at UMMC who openly reach out and are sincere with their concerns. I am grateful to have had such professors to learn this material with and would want others to have the same experience in these courses,” concluded Wang.

Our Certificate Program has already had a profound effect on Wang’s outlook, but can other graduate students benefit to such an extent? Definitely. “I would recommend this specific online graduate program to others because I have learned so much through each course,” enthused Wang. “On top of learning about medical biochemistry and the applications, I have been taught what it takes to be a graduate student.”

At UMMC, we strive to ensure that every graduate student achieves this level of academic success. Apply to our Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program to join a growing number of UMMC alums in the pursuit of academic and professional achievement.

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* Students who entered the program prior to Summer 2024 graduated with a  Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate. Students who entered the program beginning in the Summer 2024 semester will graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Molecular Medicine.