Course Description


CMB 706 Enzymology and Cellular Metabolism (4 credit hours) is a continuation of Biochemistry I. Topics include thermodynamics, pH and acid-base chemistry, metabolism, and metabolic regulation including glycolysis, TCA cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation. Tissue-specific metabolism studies will include liver metabolism, muscle metabolism, hormonal action, and blood clotting. Students will also explore how alteration of these metabolic pathways relates to the development and progression of some human diseases.

Course Information

Learning Outcomes
  • Explain enzyme function and methods of control of metabolic pathways.
  • Explain enzyme function and methods of control of metabolic pathways.
  • Explain key metabolic pathways and energy balance in specific tissues.
  • Explain key metabolic pathways and energy balance in specific diseases.
  • Describe enzymatic reaction mechanisms and signal transduction.
  • Explain the laws of thermodynamics and their relation to metabolic pathways.
  • Determine pH, pOH, and pKa of selected solutions.
  • Describe the homeostatic acid-base balance in the mammalian body.
  • State the focus of work for biochemists.
  • Read and critically evaluate the scientific literature.
  • Interpret and communicate experimental data.
  • Develop logical steps in a series of experiments.
  • Explain the relevance and significance of results in selected scientific literature.
  • Communicate research results effectively through written and oral presentations.
  • State an ethical issue in the biomedical/molecular life sciences and create a solution.
Course Topics
Topic Dates* Instructor
Topic 2.1. Thermodynamics of the Cell and Enzyme Function Dates* Week 1 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.2. Enzyme Regulation Problem Set I Dates Week 2 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.3. Blood Chemistry and Disease Detection Dates Week 3 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.4. Mitochondria and Cellular Apoptosis Dates Week 4 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.5. Carbohydrate Metabolism Project I Dates Week 5 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.6. Bioenergetics in the Cell I Dates Week 6 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.7. Bioenergetics in the Cell II Problem Set II Dates Week 7 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.8. DNA Mutation and Repair Problem Set III Dates Week 8 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.9. Hormonal Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism Dates Week 9 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.10. Skeletal Muscle Structure and Function Dates Week 10 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.11. Lipid Metabolism Problem Set IV Dates Week 11 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.12. Hormonal Regulation of Lipids Dates Week 12 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.13. Liver Structure and Function Dates Week 13 Instructor Hennington
Topic 2.14. Control of Gene Expression Case Study Dates Week 14 Instructor Hennington

*Note: The Course Topics listed above are for a regular fall or spring semester. The summer semester will be shortened to 10 weeks and several topics will be combined.

Quizzes: 10%
Problem Sets (4): 35% (Rubrics will be used to grade each problem set)
Projects/Case Studies: 30% (Rubrics will be used to grade each project/case study)
Exams (2): 20%
Attendance: 5%

Students must maintain a 3.0/4.0 average in the Certificate Program.